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The ultimate wedding

A friend of mine is getting married soon. I just love it when people get married! It's such a happy moment. And i also love the tasty cake you get at the party after the wedding. Another friend got married this winter and had a huge party after the wedding. The cake was delicious! But the couple that is getting married now want to make it really romantic. They're having their wedding in Brittany! What can be more romantic that a wedding in France? That's like the ultimate wedding! I can't wait for the cake!


I did a search on nutrition and supplements and I encountered the word chondroitin. I always thought this was some kind of alien in some science fiction movie, but in fact it's something that really exists! Funny how you can have words in your mind that have a totally different meaning in real life. I must have heard it somewhere sometime and somehow I associated that to a science fiction movie. It probably came up in a commercial break of such a movie, otherwise I think I would have never had that association with the word.


My mother in law was here for a few days. The days were not easy, because she just lost her husband and it was difficult to see what could be a nice thing for her to do. We went into the city and visited many shops, including some dealing with kitchen accessories, as she likes cooking and everything that has to do with kitchens. We even bought some nice things from design brands. She found baking trays she had not seen in her own town and also some knives that apparently were made for a special kind of fish. I ...